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Mr. M. S. Manohar

Director, Publishing Ministries


The Publishing Ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church exists to proclaim the eternal gospel hope to the world in this generation through the use of media.


  • To elevate and dignify people through a better life –physical, social and spiritual– preparing them for the world to come.
  • Encourage and equip everyone to share the good news of Jesus and His Second Coming.
  • Strengthen personal faith through spiritual nourishment that comes from sharing the light with others.


  • To re-educate church members concerning literature evangelism.
  • To activate student literature evangelism programs where they currently do not exist and to encourage programs already in place.
  • To develop future publishing leaders.
  • To establish new literature ministry seminaries.
  • To establish a presence on the internet and incorporate new marketing strategies.
  • To encourage total involvement of church members in literature evangelism.
    To strengthen denominational publishing houses.
  • To promote the mass production and circulation of the Spirit of Prophecy books.

“A distribution and service outlet for Seventh-day Adventist publishing house products and other church-approved materials, including Bibles, audio-visual aids, all church department needs, public evangelism supplies, and often special dietary health products. Generally there is one or more in each conference territory, selling either subscription literature wholesale to literature evangelists and/or subscription and trade literature at retail to individuals—subscription literature being the type produced for door-to-door gospel sales by literature evangelists; trade literature, usually with fewer illustrations, being the type of literature produced for SDA church member home-and-neighborhood evangelism purposes.” {Ellen G. White, Publishing Ministry, p. 323}